“Correcting for Disorder. Correcting for Disorder. Eliminating anomalies immediately. Onesong.”

What is the Weaver?

Depicted as a spider for help understand the metaphysics of the Triat, the Weaver was once the Preserver. At some point this changed; after that, the Entity became the Weaver and seemed to have gone mad:

Father Pisses-Gold elaborates:
" All used to be one- both worlds spirit and physical were one, amigo, and the Triat themselves were not even really sentient. The Weaver, she was first. Comes with being concerned with names and keeping order and all that.

" She categorized the universe, and sought to understand it. She’s that force that compels things to fall into a pattern- neat lines, neat and even piles of stuff and shit and crap. At some point, all that patterning drove her insane- obvious ain’t it? You can’t fucking get everything sorted out. Too much shit to deal with.

" She went nuts, and first thing she did we call the Sundering. Uktena and Red Talons have big fucking songs devoted to it. Me? Nah. All you need to know, is it split the world into two… "

The Sundering and the Pattern Web

So, not long after going mad and after becoming sentient, the Weaver’s first big shift was splitting the Umbra and the physical. The Gauntlet was raised between them.

After this, the Weaver spun her webs faster and faster. The Pattern Web, which all of reality sits on, she creates. Spirits loyal to the Weaver maintain it, and try to keep others from bringing too much chaos too close.

As she spun these webs faster and faster, they entangled the Wyrm- originally the Serpent of Balance- in the Pattern Web. After being entangled, the Serpent of Balance was driven insane as well. As he struggled, he twisted and became the Wyrm, which in turn spawned more and more lesser corruption spirits.

The Favored Children of the Weaver

Humanity is often viewed, by the Garou, to recieve special favor from the Weaver. The Weaver and Humanity have some sort of Pact- she and Humanity always seem to work together, creating more and more technology, science, order, dogma and other human things through humanity.

A lot of human objects and technology stink of the Weaver, and often things like the Internet and computers are Weaver-things, and spirits that reflect them and abstract scientific ideas are always Weaver-spirits.

Often extreme high technology is indistinguishable from Weaver-tainted spirits.

Unlike the Wyrm, the Weaver’s madness has a sick pattern to it, like an obsessive compulsive or someone with schizophrenia. She repeats it, over and over and over, and it is so complicated, that the Weaver has no real ‘direct’ servants that be targeted. The Weaver and those in her influence outnumber and out-organize everyone else.

Numbers Game

Lastly, the Weaver is the most influential and powerful of the Triat- the Wyld doesn’t even act like it has a will to save itself, and the Wyrm is too crazy to direct its servants in a way that matches the Weaver. She controls the vertical and the horizontal.

Humanity is her children, and she slowly growing more and more powerful with each passing year.

The Weaver’s goal, of course, is to eliminate change altogether. A static universe of no diversity and just bland sameness.

Tribal Views.

Kataryna lowers herself by talking about this:

Most Garou tribes see Weaverish items as tempting addictions- will using this gun eventually cause you to think just as a human? When you stop being Garou, and start thinking the way the Weaver wants you to? Silver Fangs, Red Talons Wendigo and even Bone Gnawers agree on that point: when could you avoid using a computer, good. Don’t get depended on Weavershit- don’t let the Spider get a hold on you.

The Get of Fenris tend to agree, but they, of course, make a good point about not letting a good weapon go to the way side. They gladly use guns and such, but the Get refuse to use human ideas- especially political or strategic ideas. They believe that most human ideas on such things clearly are Weaver temptations, and pride themselves on avoiding them.

The Glass Walkers, on the other hand are urrah, and work for the Weaver outright. They think it can be used against the Wyrm, although clearly the Weaver uses them- they wear business suits and talk in human gibberish. Don’t trust them, because they’ve forgotten where their allegiances lie.


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