Weaver Corporate Interests

Seattle has a drive to improve and progress its technology and organization. Corporate powers grow more and more controlling over elements of the city.

The webs are cold, frosty and everywhere in downtown Seattle.

Unlike Wyrmish foes, Weaver Corporate Interests permeate the masses of humanity- they work for it, and at some level, they are those Corporations. Humanity is the blood that makes these corporate interests run.

Examples: Tomorrow-Shinzui

The recent merger of several tech, cybernetic and biotech firms into a megacomgolmerate. As this entity grows, it absorbs DNA and other prior Weaver forces the Pack had run into conflict with. It reeks of the Weaver, and what it might have planned for the future of the Garou as a species might be of concern during this, the Apocalypse…

Weaver Corporate Interests

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