Westward Swords

Totem: The West Wind (The Wind that Calls You West)

Alpha pack and Guardians for the Caern of Howling Storms.



Byron Black-Claw explains:
The Broken: Slays-Names is unscrupulous and cunning- he knows what he is doing, and he can be respected for how clever he and his pack can be. The Broken are tricksters as well as misfits. Do not look to the Broken for honesty, honor or bravery. They still have yet to prove themselves, or that any of the Urrah they consort with are worthy of anything.

The Screamers: Wendigo- they do not even try to enjoy themselves around the rest of the Sept. They lack team effort, and always are reluctant to speak about anything new, especially if you aren’t an Elder they approve of. Still excellent in a fight, and sometimes able to prove themselves through action, not their words. We have a friend or two in the Screamers, and the Westward Swords believe that they can be trusted at their word, even if they will not say the same for us.

Seawalkers: Do not let their totem fool you- gull is nothing but a ugly rat with wings- they get a lot of work done for the Sept, and they keep extensive track on kinfolk and potential Garou, although no new cubs have been found in years. They keep quiet and help where they can, despite lacking any true glory to their names yet. Unlike the Broken, they always act honorably, even their Shadow Lord members.


The West Wind

Benefits: The Pack receives +2 on Brawl, +2 on Persuasion and have a Leadership specialty in Persuasion.
Ban: The Westward swords must keep a reminder of the Wind that Calls You West at all times- they tend to wear bells and keep wind chimes around.

Westward Swords

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