White Howlers

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Former Totem: Lion
Tribal Renown: Purity

“Never Know Fear.”

The White Howlers were amongst the bravest warriors of Gaia. In their zeal to fight the Wyrm they pursued it to its lair, the Black Spiral. Once there, they were defeated by the forces of the Wyrm. The survivors were corrupted to become slaves to that creature and willingly “dance the Black Spiral”, entering deeper and deeper into a state of insanity to gain enlightenment in their war against their cousins, the Garou.

The White Howlers are gone. No more exist, and almost all of their ancestor spirits have been taken to Malfeas. Their descendants blaspheme in a spiral.

Werewolf Tribes
Wyrm Tribes: Black Spiral Dancers
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Extinct Tribes: White Howlers

White Howlers

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