Of the three cosmological entities that comprise the the Triat, the Wyld is the weakest. Unlike the Weaver, is isn’t sentient or rational. Unlike the Wyrm, it doesn’t actively work through agents or for a agenda. Its the chaos of creation. Its the Wyld.

It represents pure, unbridled creation, and has always been that way. To the Garou, the Wyld is something they try to protect, but are wary of. It is the most threatened of the Triat- the Weaver tries to force stasis onto it and the Wyrm attempts to destroy it.

All the Wyld can do is create new ideas, then change its mind and make everything purple. The Wyld’s decline is linked to the decline of the natural world- very few, very rare locales in the World are places affected by the Wyld.

Tribes like the Black Furies and the Red Talons, often strive to protect those very few Wyld places and are drawn to it the most. That isn’t necessarily a good thing- the Wyld is chaotic, and can cause as much harm as good. It could make a new disease or create a new storm or radically change something into something completely useless or completely uncontrollably and hard to stop.

As such, Black Furies some times are afflicted by chaotic afflictions that can cause their own tribal members to change- some times cosmetic changes, or complete, radical changes into wholly new people. As their tribe is one of the smaller tribes, this can cause them some… frustration at times.


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