For The Wyrm!

Originally, a important third of the spiritual underpinnings of reality.

The Weaver drove the Wyrm insane, creating the current state of affairs. The modern Wyrm is a manifestation of utter destruction and corruption.

The Wyrm’s Servants

Bane: Wyrm-Spirits, representing corruption, selfishness and decay. Banes can vary from the very weak to the extraordinary strong. In the end days, Banes are oh so many in number, that most Garou are unaware of how greatly outnumbered they are…

Fomori: Humans infested with a bane that possesses them. [[:Old Rachel]] was a Fomori. Fomori are not always voluntary- many are created when humans eat or are exposed to too much wyrm taint. Animals can be fomori too- and in a few horrible cases, Garou too.

Black Spiral Dancers, Vampires, and corrupt humans too.


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