Here is the total XP gained and spent in the game so far:

Active Players/Characters XP Earned Total Gained Total Spent
Ludwig Rages-Truth : +13 +SI5 +SII4 +SIII8 +2Img +2story +SIV3 +1Inter +1Inter +1Dream +SVI6 +2Monologue +SVII4 +1 Hangout +SVIII6 +1diary +SIX6 +SX9 +20 Downtime +SXI5 +SXII4 +SXIII5 +SXIV5 +SXV10 +SXVI6 +SXVII5 +SXVIII6: 135 -135
Slays-Names :+16+6+2Img++SI5 +SII5 +SIII7 +SIV3 +SV3 +SVI7 +SVII4 +1Christine +SVIII5 +SIX5 +SX8 +20 Downtime +SXI5 +SXII6 SXIII4 +SXIV5 +SXV9 +SXVI5 +SXVII4 +SXVIII5 +SXIX6: 146 -121
Helen :+13 +SII3 +2Img +SIII7 +2diary +SIV4 +1diary +SV4 +SVI7 +1 Hangout +SVIII3 +2 diary +SIX5 +SX6 +20 Downtime +SXI4 +SXII5 +SXIII5 +SXIV6 +SXV8 +SXVI4 +SXVII10 +SXVIII5 SXIX7: 134 -119
Claire Grimes :+10 +SI4 +SV3 +2Img: 19 0
Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green :+10 +3story +SI3 +2Img +SII5 +SIII7 +2hks +SIV5 +SV3 +1diary +1diary +1Backstory +SVI7 +SVII5 +1 Hangout +SVIII4 +SIX8 +SX7 +20 Downtime: 95 0
Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth :+6 +10 +2Img +SII4 +SIII7 +SIV3 +SX6 +20 Downtime +SXVI1: 59 0
Weylyn The-On-Coming-Storm :107 +SXIX8: 115 0
Screwdriver : +16 +SI5 +SII5 +SV4 +2Img +SVI9 +SVII6 +SVIII6 +SX8 +20 Downtime +SXI4 +SXIII7 +SXV8 +SXVI4 +SXVIII4 +SXIX9: 117 -99
Connie :7: 7 0
Tsuruda Dacchi :16 +SVIII3: 19 0

Renown XP

New idea for a house rule, taken from Mage the Awakening.
If during a session you do something that, once learned by other Garou would be considered important within the purview of a particular renown (Purity, Glory, Honor, Wisdom and Cunning)- you earn a point of Renown Experience.
Renown Experience can only be spent on increasing renown, Harmony or Primal-Urge. You still need to provide “justification” for these purchases.
This reflects a part of the old system, where in W:tA you’d earn temporary renown before gaining permanent renown.

Ludwig Rages-Truth Renown XP Gained:16 Renown XP Spent:8 Renown Available:5
Slays-Names Renown XP Gained:18 Renown XP Spent:15 Renown Available:0
Helen Renown XP Gained:15 Renown XP Spent:2 Renown Available:10
Claire Grimes Renown XP Gained:3 Renown XP Spent:0 Renown Available:3
Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green Renown XP Gained:9 Renown XP Spent:2 Renown Available:7
Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth Renown XP Gained:3 Renown XP Spent:1 Renown Available:2
Screwdriver Renown XP Gained: 11 Renown XP Spent:7 Renown Available:1
Weylyn The-On-Coming-Storm Renown XP Gained: 1


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