The End Times Are Nigh

2012, Year of the End.
The end of the world is nigh; The Sept stands on the cusp as it tries to ready itself for the Apocalypse- but prophecy says that the Sept will fall, but will the prophecy’s savior (Wyrm, Weaver or Wyld) emerge to save Gaia from the Apocalypse or break her sooner than everyone thinks?

The end of the World has come. Gaia stands to be ripped apart as the war between Weaver and Wyrm roars into motion.

Our Pack isn’t the ideal; instead, at the start of the Chronicle, these are the ones no one thought could survive their Rite of Passage. These are the Betas, oddballs, and survivors of failed packs who had better members. These are the borderline Ronin- Garou and Werewolves who’ve done things that could get them exiled or killed if the end times weren’t so desperate. Who cares if you birthed a Metis? How you got to your position? Killed your father? Or how you sate that vendetta for the loved ones you’ve lost?

My intention for this game is a dark, gritty Werewolf game. It’ll start prior to the start of the Apocalypse- we’ll get a sense of normality, what things were like before it all goes up in flames. Its a episodic kind of game, with pack members doing what they can when they can, sometimes not being there and other times appearing when they can contribute something.

The Chronicle’s intended length would be ten Chapters at most, probably broken up into three or four Stories (Ten Sessions at most). The Chronicle will be set in the Seattle-Tacoma area, betwixt technological horrors, shrinking wild places and rotting filth of corrupted corporations. The year is 2012.

Dirty Dozen (Bad people sacrificing themselves for the sake of others- echoes strong with our Pack’s main theme)
Inglorious Basterds (If only for the ideal of dirty fighting and covert basterdry used against Nazis)
Baccano! (Fun, gritty and who expected any of the characters in it to be worthy of immortality?)
Leverage (teamwork for the win!)
Dune (for Prophecy and unexpected chosen ones)
13th Warrior (kinda basic understanding of Garou mentality on a lot of levels)
Seven Samurai (both versions; the idea of less-than-perfect Samurai protecting peasants for no real reward but their own deaths is a great place to think for Werewolf)
The Warriors (Can you DIG IT? Seriously important for Bone Gnawer-awesomeness)
and Princess Mononoke (I haven’t seen that, but I’m sure I’d like it and it’ll apply somehow).
Way of the Fist, Serj Tankian, and industrial music punctuated with howling wolves often makes a good musical source to get in the mood for a Werewolf game.

After that, take a look at our wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Last Tales of the Broken

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