Tribe: Fianna; Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Legend (6)


Son of Grady Slays-the-Wyrm and twin brother to Richard MacPherson. Originally named William MacPherson, he earned his deed name due to a perchant for using a combination of fire and howls in a set of Gifts many believe to uniquely only have been taught to him. One of the most well-known Theurges in North America.

Sarah Maneater is his daughter, having been turned to the Wyrm by Richard at some point in the 90s.

Prior to the Start of the Chronicle

It is uncertain if Burning-Howl is dead or alive; he slew Anton Childslayer. In turn, Kataryna Deathless followed after Burning-Howl as Sept Leader for the Sept of the Last Klaive.


Ludwig Rages-Truth has only recently learned that Burning-Howl is his father. Clearly, Ludwig’s new Mentor at the time (Chapter 8), Knows-the-Path, knows Burning-Howl, intimately. She recognizes something in the headstrong Philodox that compels her to train and teach him other ways to handle his conflicts.

Chapter 10

Burning-Howl is said to still be alive, and is returning from communing with the Wyld in the Deep Umbra. Also, hints continue as to the sons of Burning-Howl.


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