Adren (3)

Adren is the third Rank in the Garou Nation and the lowest rank for a Garou to be acknowledged as as being of high rank. Adren can expect to be known by all of the Garou of their region, let alone their Sept. Adren have achieved stronger self-discipline and thus are somewhat less likely to frenzy then are Fostern and low ranked Werewolves.

Duties: An Adren must give their service to an Athro or Elder who will train them to take on the responsibilities of the council of Elders when they attain their next rank. She is required to train Fosterns but lacks the authority to outright punish them should their fail. This is a particularly difficult duty to perform as Adren are given the responsibility of an elder without the authority to carry out their duties. Any Elder who judges an Adren to not be carrying out their duties may punish them.

Privileges: An adren must be addressed with a term of respect by Cliaths and Fosterns (the usage of the suffix -rhya after their deed name will suffice). An Adren may now learn the Rite of Fetish and perform it with the Rite Master’s permission. (Few ritualists would even entertain the notion of teaching this rite to those below the rank of Adren). An Adren may demand that the sept provide them with a place for them to live on the sept grounds. (note: The sept is not required to provide an Adren’s comfort, only a place to live)

Ranks In Garou Society


Adren (3)

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