Affiliation: The Broken

Prominent Fianna Family and bloodline. They claim descent from “Fearsome”, and MacPherson can be seen as a mutation of the original “Son of Fearsome.”


  • The oldest ancestor-spirit of the family is Fearsome the-Last-White, who claims to be the very last White Howler. He was adopted into the Fianna, and is a legend in that Tribe and the Get of Fenris.
  • Ludwig: Stolen at birth, Ludwig has come to understand his ties to the MacPherson Clan, and sees it as inspiration for his own fight against the Wyrm. He believes strongly in asking Fearsome for advice, should the situation warrant it.
  • Ghost-That-Runs: A metis bastard son of Richard MacPherson, Ashlar has learned of his father’s sins and plots one day to finish him off once and for all.
  • Richard MacPherson: Twin to Burning-Howl. Went Ronin and nowadays works frequently with Black Spiral Dancers and others. Father of many metis, including Ashlar.
  • Grady Slays-the-Wyrm:
  • Burning-Howl: Twin to Richard. Killed Anton Childslayer.

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The Fearsome Klaive is a central, legendary MacPherson fetish wielded by Ludwig Rages-Truth.

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Sept Positions
Warder|Master of the Howl|Master of the Challenge|Master of the Rite|Keeper of the Land
|Sept Leader|Wyrm Foe|Gatekeeper|Caller of the Wyld|Truthcatcher|Den Mother or Father


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